Awards & Certifications

We are honored to be recognized for our accomplishments as a global leader, a great employer and a responsible company.

3rd June, 2011
Celebrating your contribution towards Western Union India achieving 75,000 Agent Location mileston
July, 2011
Location Activation Champion 2011 Weizmann Forex Limited
July, 2011
Business Champion 2011 Weizmann Forex Limited
Year 2006
Send & Receive Cooperation Excellence Award UAE to India
Year 2010
Productive Location Champion
Year 2010
Growing forward Together. Celebrating 16 years 7in India
Year 2010
20 Glorious Years in India
Year 2006
Founding Member of the Global Agent Network at the formation of the Western Union Company
Year 2010
Certificate of Recognition for outstanding participation in deploying WUPOS across the network in India
Year 2006
100,000 Agent Locations in India Honouring for the outstanding contribution
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