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Ebix SmartClass

Ebix Smartclass is an initiative of EbixCash. In the Indian education space it offers a holistic teaching-learning experience whereby we provide every possible instruction and assessment element required by the teacher in class. Be it animation, question bank, mind maps, worksheets, unique teaching ideas, real life applications of concepts, topic summaries, weblinks, diagram makers, simulations or teacher created resources, we integrate these elements as per requirement.

Ebix Smartclass enables a teacher to effectively and seamlessly engage, explore, explain, elaborate and evaluate learners with a host of instruction and assessment materials made available to them through an easy to use interface.

Turnkey Solution includes: Hardware, Content, AMC & Manpower

Business Spread

EbixCash digital classrooms
EbixCash customer base

Key Highlights

Educomp, Designmate, Bodhguru, Fliplearn
Diverse Portfolio of Products
Digital Content ‘smartclass’ , English Language Lab, Robotics Lab, Cognitive Assessment
Awards & Recognitions
More than 12 Awards received since 2017
Strong Ground Team
EbixCash staff of 11,000 with 260+ employees dedicated to e-learning

Focus Areas

Constantly innovate & curate products that improve student outcome & increase administrative efficiency
Robust enabling environment to constantly upgrade skill sets of students and teachers through regular training and skill upgradation sessions
A team of more than 80+ researchers who have created strong intellectual property assets that enable unique service offerings
Customer Satisfaction
Focus on Customer Satisfaction & Delight:
  • • One of the highest C-SAT in the country of 92%
  • • High level of integration with clients
Latest Technology
The first education company to constantly upgrade, adopt & leverage technology to facilitate better learning outcomes
  • • Strongest ground team & engineers who are available 24X7X365
  • • Service request closure TAT of 0-7 days

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EbixCash common support

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Content: One of the largest repository of high quality rich multi-media educational content that helps bring abstract concepts to life.

Comprehensive Content Coverage
Grade 1 - 12
Grade 1 - 5
Grade 1 - 10
Grade 1 - 12
Grade 1 - 8
Social studies
Grade 6 - 8
Grade 9 - 12
Grade 9 - 12
Grade 9 - 12
business studies
Grade 11 - 12
Grade 11 - 12
Grade 9 - 12
Grade 9 - 12
Grade 9 - 12
political science
Grade 9 - 12
Grade 11 - 12
Grade 11 - 12
physical education
Grade 11 - 12
computer science
Grade 1 - 12
Content Type
  • Video Lessons
  • Lab Experiments
  • Diagram Makers
  • Interactive Maps
  • Teacher Presentations
  • Simulations
  • Content Map
  • Topic Synopsis
  • Worksheet
  • Interactivities
  • Textbook Solutions
  • Numericals
  • Case Studies
  • Board Questions
  • Sample Papers
  • Home Assignments
  • Objective Test
  • Subjective Test
  • CCE-SA
  • Weblinks
  • Teaching Ideas
  • Assessment for
  • Learning
  • Real Life Applications
  • Community Resources

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Elements of Class Transformation System
Assessment for Learnings
Mind Maps
Teaching Ideas
Real Life Applications
Topic Synopsis
My Resources

1. STEM – Science Technology Engineering & Mathematics

EbixCash Smartstem

INDIA’S FIRST comprehensive and unique digital classroom solution to teach SCIENCE AND MATHEMATICS STEM education is important because development and progress in any country strongly depends on the analytical and logical skills inherent in its workforce. As per recent studies, the future holds great promise but also has its own share of challenges. 65% of current 7 year old children will have to work at jobs that don’t even exist today. This is the reason that across the developed world, be it America, Japan, China or Korea, ample resources and efforts are being invested in STEM education. India needs to move in that direction too.

Hence, it is critical that school education keeps pace with the changing dynamics and requirements of the future. Smartstem from Ebix Smartclass empowers teachers and students with the right set of skills and technology, so that they can teach and learn these subjects with eagerness, ease and enthusiasm.

STEM is a curriculum based on the idea of educating students in four specific disciplines — science, technology, engineering and mathematics, through an interdisciplinary and applied approach. STEM education emphasizes on a concept-driven approach that strengthens analytical knowledge, problem-solving abilities and helps students pursue excellence in different fields of these subjects.

SmartstemTM benefits

Uses Simulations & Animations to simplify complex topics
Powered by high quality videos and 2D and 3D simulations, SmartstemTM deconstructs complex topics into easy-to-understand concepts.
Helps students to perform better
By providing features like key terms, text, external weblinks, glossaries, videos, simulations and quizzes that provide deeper insights and detailed explanations.
Ensures higher retention levels
Through effective use of experiential learning simulations, vivid imagery and glossaries.
Brings joy and interest into classroom learning
SmartstemTM comes loaded with quizzes, games and other interactive simulations that bring an element of fun into learning.
Builds analytical and logical thinking
SmartstemTM provides extensive digital content across Mathematics, Biology, Physics & Chemistry for classes I to XII.
Easy to deploy
SmartstemTM is not just easy to use but also convenient to deploy. Independently loaded on a hard disk, it can easily be connected and integrated with your existing hardware, making it cost effective. If you need supporting hardware, we can provide that too.

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EbixCash english forever

Never before has there been such a compelling need for school students to acquire proficiency in English. It has become increasingly necessary, not only in the institutes of learning, but also in the global environment where it has assumed the proportion of a vital employability skill. To enable students to acquire the desired levels of proficiency in English, the tools for transacting them must be learner-centric. With English being the second language for most Indian students, this is possible with constant, consistent practice and with proper guidance. English Forever marries sound pedagogy with smart technology to bridge the need gap between learning requirements and resources available.

Key Benefits

Assessment of Speaking and Listening (ASL)
Assessment of Speaking & Listening (ASL*) is designed keeping in view the mandatory English language proficiency test implemented by the CBSE Board. This vast course is filled with fun and interactive modules to enhance every students Speaking and Listening Skills.
Mastering speech
This section includes modules and practice material on Public Speaking, Word and Sentence Stress, Indianism, Mother Tongue Influence (MTI), Pronunciation related to Commonly Mispronounced Words, Combination Sounds and Subject Specific Words. Jointly all these facilitate mastery over the English language.
Based on the premise that learning happens best when it's combined with fun, English Forever's Grammar Enhancement Activities have several interesting games that are designed to reinforce recently learnt concepts and make learning grammar and new words more interesting.

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3. CTI Lab - Computational Thinking and Innovation

EbixCash smart cti lab

With 21st Century CTI labs, we’re designing an abstract yet creative process of problem solving amongst students which enhances their existing learning and broadens their module learning to make them future ready.


  • Online Labs using the latest laptops and software
  • Problem-solving with Computational Thinking
  • Focus on 21st Century Skills
  • Activity-based learning approach
  • Students get an opportunity to innovate when they learn by doing tasks
  • Coding without syntax from Grade 3
  • Focus on teaching logic, not the syntax
  • All open-source software; no need to purchase any license

In short, you can divide Computational Thinking into four steps

  • Engage yourself in the problem.
  • Discover the means of solving the problem.
  • Assimilate the entire situation to the core.
  • Create the solution and get stress-free.

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