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MoneyWare Wealth Management

Solution automating the entire investment lifecycle of wealth creation, growth and management.

MoneyWare is an integrated Wealth Management platform designed to allow wealth managers to run their complete business life cycle from front office to back office, without having to use multiple systems. It enables wealth management firms to service all types of client segments including highly affluent, high net worth individuals and single and multi-family offices.

The wealth management software suite is flexible and customizable helping clients address client management, financial advisory, portfolio management, compliance and client reporting & accounting. Wealth management systems like MoneyWare support discretionary, non–discretionary and advisory services.

  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Financial Planning
  • Order & Trade Management
  • Customer portal / customer mobile app
  • Tablet App for Advisors/Bankers
  • Revenue & Incentive Management
  • Robo Advisory
  • Cognitive / AI

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MoneyWare Asset Management

Single, unified system eliminating disparate systems besides simplifying and automating the entire investment process.

MoneyWare Asset Management is a technology solution that is equipped with powerful features to address the unique challenges of asset management companies. The solution streamlines disparate workflows, enabling the complete asset management cycle to be controlled from a single coordinated point. It also optimizes productivity and efficiency while reducing risks through advanced automated capabilities. With MoneyWare Asset Management Solution, asset managers can stay ahead and make informed investment decisions. More importantly, they can eliminate cumbersome, routine tasks and gain maximum excitement out of growing investor’s investments.

  • Real-time Data Feeds
  • Seamless Order Management
  • Robust Compliance and Risk Management
  • Comprehensive Portfolio Modeling
  • Flexible Reporting
  • Fund Accounting
  • Integration

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MoneyWare Custody

Sophisticated, highly automated one-stop solution for global custodians

The phenomenal increase in the custodian services segment has triggered the need for cutting-edge technology solutions for the entire life cycle of the securities industry. Our rich domain expertise, proficiency in the financial technology domain and experience of executing large custody projects for leading financial institutions across geographies has enabled us to be a renowned player in providing cutting edge technology solutions for the entire life cycle of the securities industry. MoneyWare Custody provides a one-stop solution to manage the entire custodial business. It offers support across all areas of custody operations, including instruction management, securities lending and trade settlement


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MoneyWare Portfolio Management Solution

Integrated robust, flexible end to end solution for the portfolio management industry

The financial services industry comprising of asset management companies, portfolio managers, wealth managers, financial advisors, and support functions like custodians, fund accountants, et al today are expected to have real-time and accurate access to information to aid the investment management function. These expectations can be met with most technologically competent solutions which are reliable, scalable and flexible and can be seamlessly integrated with the structure and objectives of an organization.

  • Manages all asset classes, products and financial instruments including stocks, bonds, mutual funds, derivatives, private equity and more
  • Creates and manages multiple portfolios at family, client and portfolio level
  • Compares portfolios to model portfolios
  • Gets 360-degree view of the portfolios under management
  • Tracks portfolio performance with different benchmarks across various asset class and time periods
  • Tracks from order initiation to execution, reconciliation, settlements, corporate actions and automated client reporting

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MoneyWare Securities based Lending Solution

Cutting edge solution for Securities based Lending

In the dynamic business world, financial market intermediaries including banks, investment banks, brokers, hedge funds, agents and third party lenders need to trade, process, manage and settle high volumes of lending transactions while ensuring accuracy and efficiencies with cost savings. MoneyWare Securities based Lending Solution is a trusted, scalable solution that helps in providing complete lifecycle support to the lending and collateral management business, both in domestic and international market.

  • Loan disbursements with multiple drawdowns
  • Manages fees and penalties
  • Interest tracking
  • Limit monitoring usage
  • Interest and loan ageing
  • Handles various types of loans such as term loans, line of credit, portfolio leverage, equated instalments and structured loans
  • Robust rules engine

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MoneyWare Trust Banking Solution

Comprehensive and cost-effective trust banking solution suite enhancing customer experience

MoneyWare Trust Banking solution is a browser-based cutting-edge technology platform that enables banks to cater to all their fund and investment management requirements. With automation as one of the primary drivers, it helps banks improve efficiency by focusing on value added advisory and consultancy for customers. Without having to worry about time-consuming, tedious and repetitive tasks, financial advisors and relationship managers can create a differentiated value for their customers.

  • Flexible, browser-based software available on web, mobile, tablet and desktop
  • Easily scalable across multiple branches
  • Dashboards with real-time view of business performance
  • One-time central installation with easy and regular upgrades and configuration
  • Advanced analytics and self-service reporting
  • FIX compliant that can be integrated with third party broking/EMS platform for order execution

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MoneyWare Islamic Wealth Solution

One complete banking solution for Islamic banking and asset management

Islamic banks have been struggling with financial technology that is adaptable and compliant with their Sharia laws. The Islamic banking solution needs to be designed and customized to support their wealth, corporate and retail banking needs. MoneyWare’s Islamic banking solution is a comprehensive Asset Management solution allowing Islamic banks to service their Islamic customers efficiently and effectively, with ease.

With a solution that is configured to Sharia laws, Islamic banks can focus on double digit growth, higher return on capital and offer quality products and services.

It is a flexible, adaptable, compliant and provides full coverage to Islamic asset management Single platform for dealing with international and Islamic regulatory requirements (including IAS and AAOIFI accounting standards)

  • Unparalleled breadth of instrument and asset coverage
  • Multi-currency and multi-market system
  • Reduces time spent on manual processing and needless duplication
  • Gets fund agent subscription details and redemption fees automatically in seconds
  • Automatic calculation of Net Asset Value (NAV)

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Investment Compliance Monitoring

Monitor investment risks across UCITS, NURS, 40 Act, Canadian Mutual Fund rules and Prospectus Rules

With regulations becoming more stringent and client mandates more complex, investment managers require greater safeguards against compliance breaches. FundWare incorporates these requirements through intuitive rule-building tools, advance breach management and compliance workflows into a single, robust system that offers UCITS compliance solution as well as other regulatory compliance solutions. It delivers real-time, comprehensive, post-trade monitoring of investment restrictions including regulatory restrictions, manager and fund specific mandates with detailed audit trail and reporting.

  • Comprehensive derivatives functionality with look-through capability
  • Liquidity monitoring
  • Multi-jurisdiction coverage
  • Full documentation and analysis of all rules
  • Jurisdictional comparisons
  • Leverage calculation
  • Flexible and intuitive rules-building wizard
  • Alerts, dashboards and report builder
  • Comprehensive breach management and compliance workflow

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Global Disclosure Monitoring

FundWare automates monitoring of shareholding and short selling disclosures

Market participants are required to make disclosures to the regulators globally upon accumulation of a substantial shareholding in an entity, investment in a protected industry, participation in a takeover bid or engagement in short selling. The intricacy of rules for different disclosure requirements for each jurisdiction poses significant challenges to market participants. It requires continuous monitoring of changes attributed to their investment activities and identifying obligations for disclosure.

FundWare automates the scrutiny of the global disclosure investment rules reporting across 70+ jurisdictions on a single platform.

  • All rules pre-configured, tracked and updated
  • Comprehensive rules engine
  • De-composition of indices, baskets and ETFs
  • Incremental threshold monitoring with early warnings
  • Disclosure workflow
  • Aggregation at multiple levels
  • Pre-configured disclosure reporting

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Fundware AIFMD Solution

Monitor and regulate investments within the regulatory framework

Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive (AIFMD) is a set of directives that helps govern, manage and regulate hedge funds, private equity and any other alternative investment. FundWare AIFMD Compliance solution empowers portfolio managers to rapidly comply with the AIFMD requirements without implementation costs or delay.

Reduce cost of compliance significantly and take advantage of the plug-and- play feature-rich solution.

  • Aggregation of all data within MoneyWare FundWare
  • Secure data maintenance for all data including alternative investment data
  • Access to complete audit trail with historical data leading to greater transparency
  • Flexible data upload formats
  • XML regulator reporting different formats such as excel, pdf, etc.
  • Outsourced managed service option
  • Integrated with leading administrator’s records

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Fundware for Depositary Oversight

FundWare helps you govern and manage your depositary compliance seamlessly

Today, investment managers have global markets as their canvas. They can grow their clients’ assets and wealth across multi-location, multi-currency and multi-asset class. To ensure that investments are safe, directives such as the UCITS are critical for the health of these investments. Depositaries have to ensure that they follow the framework provided by regulatory bodies as per applicable laws and regulations.

FundWare helps wealth managers monitor and govern their assets under custody without breaking a sweat.

  • Transaction register for non-custody assets
  • Out-of-the-box limit monitoring and reporting
  • Value at risk monitoring
  • Cash flow monitoring
  • NAV validation framework
  • Subscriptions and redemptions module
  • Custody oversight
  • Stock and cash reconciliations

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