HDFC Bank EbixCash Prepaid Cards
General Term & Conditions

This HDFC Bank EbixCash Prepaid Card is issued to you by HDFC Bank Ltd, a banking company incorporated under the Companies Act, 1956 and licensed as a Bank within the meaning of the Banking Regulation Act, 1949, having its Registered and Corporate office at HDFC Bank House, Senapati Bapat Marg, Lower Parel, Mumbai - 400013 (“HDFC Bank”). EbixCash Card Private Limited, a company incorporated under the Indian Companies Act, 1956 and having its Registered Office at 2nd Floor, Manek Plaza, Kalina, Cst Road, Kolekalyan, Santacruz (East), Mumbai – 400098 (“EbixCash”). EbixCash is a Trade and Brand name of EbixCash Card Private Limited. EbixCash Card Private Limited has been appointed as business correspondent and program manager for the HDFC Bank EbixCash Prepaid Card by HDFC Bank.

Terms & Conditions: These terms and conditions stated on the EbixCash website viz (together “the Terms”) govern usage of the Co-Brand Prepaid card (the “Card”) held by you (the “Cardholder”) of EbixCash/HDFC Bank pursuant to a commercial agreement between the EbixCash/HDFC Bank. The Cardholder hereby agrees to abide by the terms and condition and the Cardholder shall be deemed to have unconditionally agreed to and accepted the terms and condition by performing a transaction with the Card or acknowledging receipt of the Card in writing or by signing on the reverse of the Card and shall also be deemed to have read and understood all the terms and condition. The Cardholder shall be responsible for keeping himself/herself updated with any changes/ amendments in the relevant notifications/ guidelines/circulars governing usage the Card. The HDFC Bank disclaims all liability on account of any breach by the Cardholder of the relevant notifications / guidelines/ circulars governing usage of the Cards in force and from time to time. If the terms and condition are not acceptable, the Cardholder must not use the Card and immediately return the Card to the EbixCash/HDFC Bank. We urge you to go through Bank's Customer Protection Policy available on the Bank's website or contact your nearest branch. This policy has been framed in line with RBI's guidelines and will help in the rare event of your account /Card being debited for a transaction not done by you.

Accessing Card Account Detail: Information concerning the Card, including the available balance (“Card Balance”) after due log-in or accessed by calling/writing to the Customer Service Centre at the phone number and/or email address listed on the back of your Card.

1. Usage, Limits and Security

Usage: The issue and use of the Card shall be subject to the rules and regulations as issued by HDFC Bank from time to time. The Cardholder shall use the Card only in India to purchase or avail goods and services from merchants in INR. (Transferability) The Card is not transferable or assignable by the Cardholder under any circumstances.

Lost & Stolen Cards: If the Card or its PIN is lost, stolen or misused please immediately contact the customer service centre (“Customer Service Centre”) on the telephone numbers listed on the backside of Card. You shall memories the PIN and destroy the PIN mailer immediately. The card shall be blocked within 24 hrs of reporting and risk of protecting your money starts from the time you report the loss of the Card. EbixCash/HDFC Bank may at its sole discretion and on verification of identity of the Card holder may issue new card in lieu of the lost card by charging prescribed fees.

Legalities: The Cardholder shall only use the Card for lawful purposes in a lawful manner.

Use by third Party: To protect the interest of Card holder from un-authorised use it is advised that you shall keep the Card under your personal custody at all times.

Responsibility: Neither HDFC Bank nor EbixCash shall in any manner be responsible for any disputes regarding goods and services received by the Cardholder including the quality, value, warranty, delay of delivery, non delivery, non receipt of any goods or services. It must be clearly understood that the Card is only facility to the Cardholder to make payment to merchants and the HDFC Bank holds out no warranty or makes no representation about quality, quantity, value, delivery or otherwise, howsoever regarding goods or services, and any such disputes should be resolved by the Cardholder with the merchant directly.

Changes in Card Balance: The Customer may be entitled for credit in the Card account in case of reversal of transaction no cash shall be refunded to the Cardholder. EbixCash/HDFC Bank shall recover applicable charges imposed by the respective merchant while refunding the money.

Transaction Limits: EbixCash, HDFC Bank and/or merchants at points of sale may set limits on the monetary amount and number of transaction allowed through a Card during a set time period (“Transaction Limits”). Transaction Limits are set out on website will apply to the Card. EbixCash/ HDFC Bank may, at any time, modify the transaction limits for any reason whatsoever. The Cardholder can view these changes online at or may also call the Customer Service Centre. The Cardholder will be notified in accordance with applicable law.

2. Expiration, Cancellation and Termination

The Card issued to you is valid for a period of (5) five year or for a period printed on the card . The Card will expire on the expiration date mentioned on the Card. EbixCash/HDFC Bank may cancel or suspend usage of the Card immediately upon: (i) the Card holder intimating the loss, of card. (ii) Non-usage of the Card for continuous 90 days., (iii) there is no balance in the Card for a period of 90 days, (iv) any breach of terms and conditions by the Card holder, (v) upon specific request from the corporate to cancellation or suspension of the Card, or (vi) processing payments in relation to the cancel or suspend the Card, or (vi) EbixCash/HDFC Bank is unable or otherwise prevented from processing payments in relation to the Card for reasons beyond its reasonable control, including but not limited to restrictions imposed by law or regulation.

3. Card Balance

Card Balance: the Cardholder may utilise the Card Balance by due and proper use of the Card, in accordance with these terms and condition. No interest is payable to the Cardholder. The card holder is advised to transact for requisite amount of purchase/ availing services including applicable charges otherwise the transaction may not be honoured.

Irregularities: The Cardholder will inform EbixCash for any irregularities or discrepancies that exist in the transaction details at a merchant establishment within 30 days of the transaction processed. If no such notice is received during this time, EbixCash will assume the correctness of the transaction.

4. Fees and Applications Taxes

EbixCash/HDFC Bank will deduct all fees and charges due to EbixCash/HDFC Bank from the Card Balance.

5. Liability of EbixCash/HDFC Bank

The liability of EbixCash/HDFC Bank is restricted to the extent of the amount lying in the Card at any point of time.

6. Data Protection

EbixCash/HDFC Bank will process the Cardholders personal data in order to provide a Card in accordance with the Customer's instructions, to administer the Card, to deal with any queries the Cardholder has concerning the Card or its use, for statistical and regulatory reporting and fraud prevention purposes.

EbixCash/HDFC Bank will confidentially and only to the extent permitted under applicable data protection and bank secrecy laws, give Cardholder information to other companies and third parties including those providing application processing, fraud monitoring, customer service, card production and technology processing services and each of their agents and subcontractors, information about the Cardholder and the Card.

EbixCash/HDFC Bank may disclose the Cardholder's personal data to: (i) the Customer, (ii) fraud prevention agencies if false or inaccurate information is provided and fraud is suspected, and (iii) statutory/regulatory authorities, law enforcement or fraud prevention agencies where we are required to do so by applicable law or court order. EbixCash/HDFC Bank may record and/or monitor telephone calls to help maintain high quality service and for security, data collection and training purposes, or as required by applicable law. All recordings belong to EbixCash/HDFC Bank. The Cardholder consents to the processing (including transfer) of its personal data by EbixCash/HDFC Bank, and the other recipients identified above, for the purposes set out above.

7. Miscellaneous

Amendments: EbixCash/HDFC Bank may, without notice to the Customer, at any time and subject to applicable law, change or delete any provision, add or change (including to increase or decrease) any charges. The Cardholder will be deemed to have seen and accepted the changes 24 hours after they are available online at . EbixCash/HDFC Bank reserves the right to amend any conditions.

Governing Law: These terms and condition and all matters arising hereunder shall be governed by Indian laws and both the Cardholder and EbixCash/HDFC Bank submit to the exclusive jurisdictions of the courts of Mumbai.

Product Wise Terms: Kindly refer to the detail T&C and welcome letter provided with the card Kit for Fees and card related specific term & conditions.

8. Help Line

Call us at our customer Care centre No. 7666155220 / 022 6112 5757 or e-mail us at or write to us at : Ebix Payment Services Pvt Ltd, 2nd Floor, Manek Plaza, Kalina, CST Road, Kolekalyan, Santacruz (E), Mumbai – 400098

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